Elite Martial Arts & Self-Defence

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Karasac offers elite training in a number of rare and effective martial arts. Head instructor and founder Paul Finn is certified to teach Silat Kali & Jeet Kune Do by Guro Dan Inosanto.
Our facilities and training are second to none and offer each individual the opportunity to maximise their potential as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Numbers in Classes are deliberately kept to a minimum number to insure one-on-one training and effective progress Under the expert supervision of Paul Finn.
The classes are accessible to novice students and beginners as well as those who have studied in other types of martial art and have experience.
We ensure that all classes are safe and that the training of potentially dangerous techniques are carried out in an effective yet controlled method.
The origins of the systems that we teach are directly from the heads of a number of famous martial art including Bruce Lees world famous Jeet Kune Do & Jun Fan Gung Fu.
The main emphasis within our structured training program is for the progression and understanding of applicable self defence techniques designed for urban living With a basis in kung fu and kickboxing as well as more eclectic arts from Indonesia and the Philippines and China.
Within the last two years we have added a grappling program to our classes to enable the students to undertake Brazilian jujitsu and ground fighting.
Brazilian jujitsu or Gracie ju-jitsu has become world-renowned for its applicable self defence And we are honoured to have been training With various instructors who are directly certified by the world-famous Gracie brothers.
As a byproduct of this type of training students will not only learn applicable and effective self-defence but also fitness conditioning and functional strength designed for self defence and everyday life.
If necessary specific programs can be designed for the individual to facilitate his or her needs and requirements given their job and lifestyle or indeed specific aims in terms of the parts which they may wish to study.
Although The arts which we teach are not particularly well known within the United Kingdom and they are internationally recognised as some of the most effective fighting systems available. Indeed many military forces and security groups adopt these as the Basis of their self defence systems.
Karasac are happy to accept students from all types of background and please contact us to enquire about joining your first class.