Classes are held every Tuesday in Bromley at Calso Gym and every Thursday at The Dojo in Sidcup & on Sunday at Bromley Self Defence – Letchworth Drive

Class Locations: A = The Dojo, Sidcup (Sydney Road)  B = Calso Gym – (Letchworth Drive Bromley) C = Bromley Self Defence – (Letchworth Drive)


What Can I Learn?


Wing Chun Kung Fu Thursdays 7- 8.30 The Dojo Sidcup & (Sundays 11-12.30pm, Bromley Self-Defence)


Wing Chun Kung fu is a traditional Kung Fu system from China popularised by the late Yip Man & Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is a practical, close range combat system ideally designed for urban self-defence and involves trapping and sensitivity, multiple strikes,low line kicking, elbows & empty hand techniques. Karasac Wing chun has a number of influences from many international instructors and Sifu Paul has over 20 years experience training both in the UK & internationally.

Our programme is designed for beginners & experienced practitioners alike, and the classes are tailored in an easy to understand and modular, systematic approach.



Jeet Kune Do (Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30pm, Calso Gym Letchworth Drive, Bromley)


Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy conceived by Bruce Lee. JKD uses whatever tools it can to achieve its end and so blends techniques from a great variety of martial arts.

It takes into account that everyone is a different shape, size and weight and so encourages the use of the most effective tools for each individual, whether that is Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Grappling or Boxing. The only person certified to teach JKD is Guro Dan Inosanto and so we derive our legacy from him.



Kali (Thursdays 7.00 – 8.30pm, The Dojo, Sidcup) & (Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30 Bromley)


Kali is a Filipino martial art which uses a variety of weapons as well as empty-hand techniques in order to strike, hold, throw and lock.

These weapons include single stick, double stick, and single and double knives which make an effective and modern fighting system despite its ancient roots. With knife crime on the rise, practical and safe knife defence is more important than ever before.

We teach the Inosanto/Lacoste blend system of Kali.



 Silat (Sundays 12.30am – 2pm, Bromley Self Defence, Bromley)


Silat is an Indonesian martial art which, while having its roots in weapon-based training, also makes for an effective close-quarters fighting system.

We teach the Mande Muda system, the head of which is Ibu Rita Suwanda. Guro Paul Finn is one of only two instructors qualified to teach Mande Muda in Europe and the only one in the UK.

We also teach the Maphilindo system of Silat under Guro Dan Inosanto.