Wednesday’s Classes


8.00pm - 9.30pm Jeek Kune Do (Chinese Kickboxing/Kung fu)


Eric Liddell Sports Centre
Mottingham Lane
Tel: 0208 851 9111

Jeet Kune Do is a philosophy conceived by Bruce Lee. JKD uses whatever tools it can to achieve its end and so blends techniques from a great variety of martial arts.

It takes into account that everyone is a different shape, size and weight and so encourages the use of the most effective tools for each individual, whether that is Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Grappling or Boxing. The only person certified to teach JKD is Guro Dan Inosanto, so we derive our legacy from him.

  • Jeet Kune Do & Jun Fan Gung Fu
  • Bruce Lees Martial Art
  • Kickboxing & Kung fu

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