KARASAC Martial Arts Self Defence

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Martial Arts Classes
JKD Kali Silat BJJ Self-Defence
Internationally certified instructor
Small group classes
Professional Teaching
Purpose built Martial arts studio/dojo
Practical training techniques and systems
Certified by Guro Dan Inosanto ( Bruce Lees only certified JKD Student)
Practical martial arts in a safe And positive teaching environment Each individuals Needs and potential assessed to ensure development and practical progress
Multiple martial arts systems taught by highly ranked internationally acclaimed instructor
Systems include JKD Kali Silat Brazilian jujitsu wing chun Kung fu
Classes aimed at beginners and advanced students alike Teaching methods to ensure progression and development on a practical basis
Areas of training include
Kung fu
Self defence
Weapons training
Instructor has over 20 years training experience
Safe sane fun and practical
Come along get involved join the family