Wing Chun Bromley

Karasac now presents a new Wing Chun fundamentals
Class in Bromley
Learn the practical Self-defence system
Made famous by Bruce Lee
Close range combat effective
Ideal self-defence for everyone
Learn in a state of the Art MMA facility in Bromley
The highest level of Internationally certified instructor
Sifu Paul Finn

Jeet Kune Do – JKD ( JKD Concepts) Jun Fan Gung Fu

Jeet Kune Do (also “Jeet Kun Do”, or simply “JKD”) is an eclectic/hybrid system and philosophy of life founded by martial artist Bruce Lee with a simple, direct (or straightforward movements) and non-classical style. Due to the way his style works, Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in minimal movement with maximum effect and extreme speed. The system works on the use of different ‘tools’ for different situations. These situations are broken down into ranges (kicking, punching, trapping and grappling), with techniques flowing smoothly between them. It is referred to as a “style without style” or “the art of fighting without fighting” as said by Lee himself. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the concept of interception, or attacking your opponent while he is about to attack. However, the name Jeet Kune Do was often said by Lee to be just a name. He himself often referred to it as “The art of expressing the human body” in his writings and in interviews. Through his studies Lee came to believe that styles had become too rigid, and unrealistic. He called martial art competitions of the day “Dry land swimming”. He believed that combat was spontaneous, and that a martial artist cannot predict it, only react to it, and that a good martial artist should “Be like water” and move fluidly without hesitation.
Sifu Paul Finn is certified (Senior Associate Instructor) to teach JKD by Guro Dan Inosanto and has been training for 20 years – Paul has a direct lineage through Guro Inosanto to Bruce Lee.

New Instructors

Karasac is proud to introduce two new Apprentice Instructors
Gerry Tighe & Phil Wright
Both of whom are now certified to teach Karasac Kali under the guidance of Paul Finn
Gerry & Phil have been training for many years and are both welcome additions to the Karasac team

Self Defence – Kung Fu – Fitness

Offers a unique blend of authentic and traditional martial arts from the Philippines Indonesia and China and the systems are taught in an easy and understandable format with practical application for Modern day society and to enhance the elements of self defence and fitness.
Our instructors are internationally recognised and certified by some of the most influential and experienced instructors on the planet.
Classes are now offered locally in South East London and Bromley including Sidcup and Mottingham.
The classes are tailored to the experience and requirements of each individual student through a progressive learning process. And in a safe sane and constructive format.
We operate classes in self defence and fitness at a number of locations including at the Dojo at Sidcup Also at Bromley self defence And Eltham College in Mottingham.
Please feel free to contact our club administrator for details of the classes and to come along and try a free session to see what we can offer you
Speak to Coral on 07958 394004

Bromley Wing Chun

Karasac is proud to Announce a new class held in Bromley at Bromley self defence in Homesdale Road On Sundays between 11 and 12:30 PM This is a new class and designed to benefit beginners and intermediate students alike It focuses upon practical self defence application in our modern urban environment Skills Utilised include close range trapping and sensitivity Multiple strikes Locks and Kicks
The class utilises the new Bromley self defence headquarters and benefits from their training equipment It is open to anyone who wishes to learn in an accelerated format For more details please contact us through the website or on the telephone number
07958 394004
Ask for Coral and she will provide Any information


Karasac offers as part of our unique Combined Martial Arts programme top quality Wing Chun Kung Fu tuition
Wing Chun Is a highly practical and effective form of close range self-defence ideal for the streets and for any urban encounter
Wing Chun involves fast direct linear striking patterns As well as simultaneous attack and defence. Close range and trapping techniques are utilised as well as low line kicking.
At Karasac we offer a no nonsense Approach to all our martial arts with a practical objective
Paul had trained extensively in the Science & Art of Wing chun and has been fortunate Enough to train with some of the most highly Recognised international instructors

Multiple Arts – Self Defence & Fitness

Karasac Self defence and martial art classes
Internationally recognised and certified Instructor
Up to 4 classes a week including
Jeet Kune Do – Jun Fan
Wing Chun Kung Fu
Indonesian Pencak Silat
Phillipino Kali
From only £70 a month for 12 x 1 1/2 classes
Professional tuition
Great facilities
Modern new stylish training studios
Enroll now for state of the Art Martil Arts

KARASAC Martial Arts Self Defence

Martial Arts Classes
JKD Kali Silat BJJ Self-Defence
Internationally certified instructor
Small group classes
Professional Teaching
Purpose built Martial arts studio/dojo
Practical training techniques and systems
Certified by Guro Dan Inosanto ( Bruce Lees only certified JKD Student)
Practical martial arts in a safe And positive teaching environment Each individuals Needs and potential assessed to ensure development and practical progress
Multiple martial arts systems taught by highly ranked internationally acclaimed instructor
Systems include JKD Kali Silat Brazilian jujitsu wing chun Kung fu
Classes aimed at beginners and advanced students alike Teaching methods to ensure progression and development on a practical basis
Areas of training include
Kung fu
Self defence
Weapons training
Instructor has over 20 years training experience
Safe sane fun and practical
Come along get involved join the family

Elite Martial Arts & Self-Defence

Karasac offers elite training in a number of rare and effective martial arts. Head instructor and founder Paul Finn is certified to teach Silat Kali & Jeet Kune Do by Guro Dan Inosanto.
Our facilities and training are second to none and offer each individual the opportunity to maximise their potential as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Numbers in Classes are deliberately kept to a minimum number to insure one-on-one training and effective progress Under the expert supervision of Paul Finn.
The classes are accessible to novice students and beginners as well as those who have studied in other types of martial art and have experience.
We ensure that all classes are safe and that the training of potentially dangerous techniques are carried out in an effective yet controlled method.
The origins of the systems that we teach are directly from the heads of a number of famous martial art including Bruce Lees world famous Jeet Kune Do & Jun Fan Gung Fu.
The main emphasis within our structured training program is for the progression and understanding of applicable self defence techniques designed for urban living With a basis in kung fu and kickboxing as well as more eclectic arts from Indonesia and the Philippines and China.
Within the last two years we have added a grappling program to our classes to enable the students to undertake Brazilian jujitsu and ground fighting.
Brazilian jujitsu or Gracie ju-jitsu has become world-renowned for its applicable self defence And we are honoured to have been training With various instructors who are directly certified by the world-famous Gracie brothers.
As a byproduct of this type of training students will not only learn applicable and effective self-defence but also fitness conditioning and functional strength designed for self defence and everyday life.
If necessary specific programs can be designed for the individual to facilitate his or her needs and requirements given their job and lifestyle or indeed specific aims in terms of the parts which they may wish to study.
Although The arts which we teach are not particularly well known within the United Kingdom and they are internationally recognised as some of the most effective fighting systems available. Indeed many military forces and security groups adopt these as the Basis of their self defence systems.
Karasac are happy to accept students from all types of background and please contact us to enquire about joining your first class.

JKD Wing Chun Silat Kali

Karasac Kali offers a Unique Training opportunity for those serious abour pursuing and learning truly practical Self Defence Systems including -

Jeet Kune Do

Jun Fan Gung Fu

Maphalindo Silat

Mande Muda Pencak Silat

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wing Chun

We have small classes designed to ensure that each individual can learn to his or her best potential in a safe sane fun and friendly training environment.  Classes are at The Sidcup Dojo & Eric Liddell Sports centre at Eltham College Mottingham London SE9 (details on the contact page).

First class internationally certified Instruction in highly practical applied fighting systems – come along and try the class.