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Karasac offers the very best in Practical Martial Arts Self-Defence & Fitness.

Functional Training focussing on self-defence for our modern urban environment. We have classes operating out of Eltham College (Eric Liddel Sports Centre) in Mottingham South East London and The Sidcup Dojo in Sydney Road Sidcup (The Rugby Club).

Classes are small and ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace and with expert international instruction.

The Arts taught are specific and integrated to ensure a functional platform from which to deliver realistic and practical self-defence.

The Arts include –

1 Jeet Kune Do – Jun Fan Kung Fu (Bruce Lees System and teachings)

2 Inosanto Kali – Philipino Martial Arts – weapons based and highly functional

3 Silat – Indonesian Martial Art (made famous by the Hit Movie The Raid – see the interview on this site and our involvement)

4 Wing Chun Kung Fu – close quarter combat – ruthless efficient and rapid

5 Jiu Jitsu – formidable Brazilian ground Fighting

The classe (4 classes a week) are combined and integrated to ensure that the best results are achieved in all ranges of combat from kick boxing, trapping and grappling to ground work and submissions.

Classes are friendly and mixed allowing new students the opportunity to train with other novices and experienced practitioners alike.

Contact us to try out a free class and see how Karasac can provide you with the classes and arts for top quality self-defence.