Self Defence – Kung Fu – Fitness

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Offers a unique blend of authentic and traditional martial arts from the Philippines Indonesia and China and the systems are taught in an easy and understandable format with practical application for Modern day society and to enhance the elements of self defence and fitness.
Our instructors are internationally recognised and certified by some of the most influential and experienced instructors on the planet.
Classes are now offered locally in South East London and Bromley including Sidcup and Mottingham.
The classes are tailored to the experience and requirements of each individual student through a progressive learning process. And in a safe sane and constructive format.
We operate classes in self defence and fitness at a number of locations including at the Dojo at Sidcup Also at Bromley self defence And Eltham College in Mottingham.
Please feel free to contact our club administrator for details of the classes and to come along and try a free session to see what we can offer you
Speak to Coral on 07958 394004