Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Sifu Paul Finn has been training with Sifu Francis Fong on Seminars at home & abroad over the last year and is proud to be disseminating this material.
Amongst his students – recently many of the class had the chance to train directly with Sifu Fong at the black Belt Academy in Boreham Essex over a 4 day intensive course and we are all looking Forward to training with Sifu Francis Fong over the coming months in Rome and next year in London.

Anyone interested in learning JKD &/or Wing Chun Kung Fu please contact us for more information on classes.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a devastating close range combat system characterised by lightening fast empty hand strikes and hand trapping and immobilisations. It is a highly scientific system based on a number of core principles including center line theory simultaneous attack & Defence Intercepting fist – Hard & Soft Energy.