Wing Chun Seminar – Sui Lim Tao & Chum Kil Intro

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300296_10151583128976111_405847484_nWing Chun Seminar – Sui Lim Tao & Chum Kil Intro
Karasac in conjunction with 108 Wing Chun are proud to present a two hour work shop on the first form & the 2nd Form ..
The “Little ~Idea Form “.. & Bridging the Gap ..
an ideal opportunity to explore the intricacies & details of the First form and the various applications and drills therefrom plus an intro to the Chum Kil Form with emphasis on turning footwork & Bong & Lan Sau

108 Wing Chun Workshop

Sunday the 16th November 2014

Time 1.30-3.30pm

Venue – Bromley Self Defence – Homesdale Rd Bromley Kent

E.Mail for more details